On your first appointment please come 10-15 minutes early to fill  out a new patient information form.  Please remember to bring in a list of any medications you regularly take and any insurance information.

If your dentist has given you a copy of recent x-rays please bring them to the consult as well.

If english is not a language you are comfortable with speaking, please bring an interpretor with you.

When you meet the doctor your medical history will be reviewed and any concerns your dentist or you are having will be discussed.  Thereafter we will perform an examination which includes examination of your jaw joints, the various soft tissues of your mouth, measuring your periodontal pockets and other gum related parameters.  If any further x-rays are required they can be taken to help aid with diagnosing your condition. 

Once all the required information is collected, we will diagnose your condition, how severe and where it is happening, and provide you with the best options for treatment.  We document this in a letter which we mail to your dentist. We can provide estimates for the treatment required and send it to your insurance company on your behalf. 

Occasionally a second consultation may be required before a final treatment plan is created for you and you are welcome to contact the doctors to discuss any questions you may have.