We understand that dental treatment and gum surgery can be an unsettling experience.  To help our patients we offer the following sedation services to our patients:

Oral Conscious Sedation

IV Conscious Sedation


 In addition, all our dental chairs are equipped with a massage and heat feature.  TV screens are mounted above all chairs for the patient to watch.


Oral Conscious Sedation is performed with the help of anxiolytic medications.  The patient must fast for several hours prior to the appointment and have a responsible adult drive them home.  The patient is usually awake but drowsy throughout the procedure. The sedation usually lasts for about 4 hours and your memory of the appointment will be blurred.

IV Conscious Sedation is accomplished with an intravenous line into your arm.  This form of sedation requires fasting for 8 hours prior and a responsible adult to drive you home. Although you are awake during the procedure, you may fall into a light sleep and your memory of the appointment will be hard to recall.  This form of sedation requires monitoring throughout your appointment, so please wear loose comfortable clothes so that we can access your arms.